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Top Ten

Top Ten

Boxing Gloves “SUB”


Unimagined possibilities - with the TOP TEN “SUB” boxing gloves.What was intended as a simple children’s song became a hit at the end of the 1960s. The Beatles celebrated a huge success with “Yellow Submarine”. Continue the triumph of the...

Top Ten

Boxing Gloves “The Splitter”


Your personal fitness maker: TOP TEN training gloves “The Splitter.”Boxing, kickboxing, MMA - no matter which martial art sparked your passion, the “The Splitter” boxing gloves from TOP TEN safely and reliably accompany beginners and...

Top Ten

T-shirt “WAKO Kick Light”


First choice for demanding kickboxers – kickboxing shorts TOP TEN "WAKO Star".The movement-friendly cut of the sporty "WAKO Star" invites you to an extra round on the mat. With a weight close to nothing, the short kickboxing pants...


Belts Plain Colour Adult


Belts Coloured - Plain Colour Adult 100% polyester/cotton mix fabric. Easy to tie and very durable. For all grades and levels of martial arts competence. Belt sizes include: Child 240cm. Adult 280cm and 320cm    •   ...

Top Ten

Boxing gloves "Power Ink Dual"


The boxing and sparring gloves “Dual” from TOP TEN make it big with a dual locking system. Two hook and loop strips ensure that the gloves sit securely on the wrist. This model cannot be compared with any other and...

Top Ten

Kickboxing pants "Prism"


Brings together what belongs together. TOP TEN's long 'Prism' kickboxing pants combine comfortable casualness with functional sportswear. In addition, there is an incomparable style with graphic "Prism" print and woven...

Top Ten

Tooth guard "Combat TPR"


Just grit your teeth and go through - but not without the appropriate tooth protection. With the tooth guard "Combat TPR" you get a high-quality tooth guard in cool designs. Our vampire teeth, which are applied to...

Top Ten

Thaipad “Slanty”


Completely sloping, our TOP TEN Thaipad “Slanty.” The dimensionally stable punch pad has a slight inclination of the face so that it easily withstands even hard kicking and punching sequences. The...

Top Ten

Focus Mitts “StartIt”


TOP TEN's “StartIt” focus mitts make your workout even more challenging. Due to their long-oval shape, you can perform in addition to numerous striking techniques and kicking exercises on the claws. They have...

Top Ten

Boxing gloves "R2M 2016"


Just beat yourself fit, with our boxing gloves "R2M 2016" from the success forge of TOP TEN. The gloves are specially designed for the entry-level areas of trend and fitness boxing and have a weight of 10 oz. In a...

Top Ten

Top Ten Sports Bra for Women


In martial arts, girls and women should wear a suitable chest protector to protect the chest. With the “Cool Guard” by TOP TEN you get a top fashionable sports bra, which can be pimped on the modular...

Top Ten

Ankle guard


You have an ankle injury behind you or always have difficulty kinking on the mat? Then the TOP TEN ankle protection is just right for you. It is easy to put on like a sock with the toe and heel area open for better...