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Training Aids


Black / Yellow Foam Cord Nunchaku (14777)


Black / Yellow Foam Cord Nunchaku Nunchaku are one of the most popular martial arts weapons today! Like many traditional weapons, they came from two different farming mechanisms - the muge (horse bridle) and a mechanism used to grind rice or grain...


Black Striped Escrima Stick (14800)


Black Striped Escrima Stick Perfect for Training with. Practice your blocking and counter attacks Hard wearing wood Designed for the more serious martial artist Practice training aid only 66cm long and 3cm diameter Please note that this...


Bo Staff Rattan With Skin (4045)


Bo Staff Rattan With Skin Used by weapons Practitioners as a Training Aid. Dimensions (Approx.) 182cm long (71.5 inch). 2.5cm diameter. 6ft bo staff made from a hard durable wood Rattan finish with skin Practice training aid only 182cm long 2...


Bo Weapon Case (4008)


Bo Weapon Case Case has red felt inner lining. Can hold up to 2 Bos Red felt inner lining Includes a shoulder strap Protect your Bo from damage 190cm x 12cm     Please note that this product is not for sale to people under...


Bokken Weapon Case (4013)


Bokken Weapon Case Black PU material with red felt inner lining and zip end fastening. Red felt inner lining Zip end fastening Holds one bokken with tsuba, Cannot hold suburi bokken. Made from black PU material Dimensions: 111cm x 15cm...


Broadsword - Red Oak (302-017)


Broadsword - Red Oak Chinese training Broad Sword. 33" length *Sold only to instructors and adults 18yrs +. Proof of age will be asked if you do not hold a trade account. For use in martial arts class training only.  


Escrima Weapon Case (4015)


Escrima Weapon Case A zip up black vinyl case that can hold up to 2 escrima sticks. Dimensions: 80cm x 12cm. Zip up black vinyl case Can hold up to 2 escrima sticks Includes a carry handle Protect your escrima from damage Dimensions: 80cm x...


Foam Bokken (4001)(BLITZ)


Foam Bokken Perfect for First Time Training. Ideal for beginners and juniors Practice with confidence and injury free Practice training aid only Tsuba is fixed 102cm long with 26cm handle  


Ninja Plastic Sword


Plastic Ninja Sword Used by weapons practitioners as a practice sword Katana. An essential item for all budding Ninja enthusiasts. Constructed from a toughened PU plastic, this ninja sword is 85cm long and ready for action.Includes scabbard or...


Nunchaku Weapon Case (4012)


Nunchaku Weapon Case Black vinyl case with red felt lining. Holds one pair of nunchaku. Dimensions: 47cm x 11cm. Will fit nunchaku up to the length of 40cm. Black vinyl case Zip up Red felt lining Holds one pair of nunchaku Dimensions: 47cm x...


Plastic Bokken (6730)


Plastic Bokken for Training Now you can practice the art of drawing your sword with our friendly bokkens. Made from a tough PU plastic and includes tsuba. 102cm long (39 inch). Made from a tough PU plastic Designed for light and semi...


Plastic Katana Sword by Blitz


Plastic Katana Sword by Blitz Designed to have the same weight, size and balance of a live blade whilst greatly reducing the risk of injury whilst training. Made of Polypropylene plastic, the Katana Sword is virtually unbreakable and a much more durable...